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An account with multiple possibilities.


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No need for you to handle physical money, one card is enough.
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A physical card to do even more.


For more and more important transactions on a daily basis.

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Virtually no maintenance costs for your


Withdraw your money easily at ATMs in the VISA network.


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Make free international transfers in a few clicks with your phone number.
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Virtual card
A virtual card with
multiple possibilities.
Card Free
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Physical card
A physical card
to do even more.
Card Premium
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Transfer money for free to any PayQin account and by mobile money.
Card Premium
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A large distribution network.

Use our interactive map to find distributors near you. Contact them and visit their location to purchase your physical PayQin prepaid card.

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Pay anything you want online and send money to your loved ones without limits or restrictions.
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How to get a virtual card?

To generate a virtual card :
1- Click on the "Maps" section of the application and click on
the button "+".
2- Click on "Create a new virtual card".
3- Click on “Get a card”, then follow the instructions.

How to recharge my PayQin account?

To add money to your PayQin account, you just need to follow the following steps :
1- Click on the “Reload” option
2- Opt for "Mobile Money"
3- Enter the top-up amount
4- Select the mobile operator of your choice to continue topping up, the rate of which is set at 2% of the amount to be topped up.
We currently accept payments via Mobile Money in the following countries: Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Mali, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso and Senegal.

How to verify my PayQin account?

To get your PayQin account verified, follow these steps :
1- Go to the "settings" tab
2- Click on "Verification Status"
3- Scan your legal ID, passport or driver's license (make sure the image is clear and the information is legible)
4- Take a selfie of yourself
5- Click "Submit".

How to withdraw money from my PayQin account?

It is important to note that you have the option of making two types of withdrawals :
1- Account withdrawal
2- Card withdrawal
The balance of your PayQin account belongs to you, so you can request a withdrawal of this balance at any time by simply clicking on the “Withdraw” option from the application.
There you will find a dialog box that you should fill in by adding the following information:
- a valid Mobile Money number
- the amount to be withdrawn and follow the instructions.
Once effective, the amount of the withdrawal is automatically deducted from your balance until this request is accepted or refused.

How to recharge my PayQin virtual card?

To recharge your virtual card, you must have sufficient funds in your PayQin account. The procedure is as follows:
1- Click on the “Carte or Card” option on the taskbar
2- Select the card concerned
3- Click on “Add money or Add money”
4- Add the value of the desired amount in dollars $ and validate your payment.
NB: There are no recharging fees, however, the minimum recharging is 5 dollars, the equivalent of which is approximately 3000 Fr CFA .